Individual Sessions for Adults

Functional Integration

Hands-on Feldenkrais Sessions

Through gentle yet precise, directive touch as well as verbal guidance, Sonja helps you to discover new ways of moving, behaving, sensing, feeling and living with greater ease and enjoyment.

People often come to Sonja seeking relief from aches and pains in their back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder, arm or other parts of themselves from acute or chronic injuries. Many come to learn how to move more efficiently, easily and gracefully. This includes athletes, musicians, performing artists as well as persons with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, stroke, muscular dystrophy or Parkinson’s. Yet others come to enhance their sense of themselves and how they can more fully participate in and influence how they act, feel and respond to life’s challenges. Sonja embraces and addresses all of these needs and interests.

Sessions are tailored to each person’s specific situation.

Like our handwriting, we all develop unique movement signatures—ways we habitually organize our actions. Sometimes these habits serve us well; at other times, they are less productive. Sonja works with how each person habitually moves, behaves, perceives, and shapes themselves and their experiences. She teaches us how to develop choice, to expand our possibilities, influence our behavior and grow our ability to create greater satisfaction and deeper participation in how we relate to ourselves, others and our world.

Based on the Feldenkrais Method and deeply informed by her years of ongoing studies in Formative Psychology®, Sonja encourages you to develop, grow and participate in your healing and in your life more fully–physically, emotionally, mentally.

Sonja has worked with people from five months to 103 years old! She helps people with a wide variety of unique circumstances and interests:

  • Persons seeking relief from back, neck, shoulder, hip or other neuromuscular pain
  • Individuals interested in somatic learning and personal growth
  • Children with developmental or learning differences
  • Seniors or adults with balance or other movement concerns
  • Athletes, martial artists, dancers, and musicians interested in improving their performance abilities or recovering from injuries
  • Persons with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, parkinson’s, MS or stroke
  • Pre- and post-operative recovery (open heart surgery, reconstructive knee surgery, hip replacement surgery)
  • Repetitive stress injuries, eye, back and neck strains

The office is located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible with accessible bathrooms.


What to Expect in an Individual Session

Adults and seniors often enjoy lying quietly in comfortable loose clothing on a low table while Sonja works with gentle, precise, noninvasive touch.

As she listens with her hands and her whole self, she engages you in a nonverbal, kinesthetic conversation in which she asks questions through her contact, senses your response, makes suggestions and waits for your feedback to guide your interactions. Some sessions are more active and may include hands-on and verbally guided movements in positions such as sitting, kneeling or standing. Sessions often also include some verbally guided movements and somatic practices which you can practice on your own after and between sessions.

Functional Integration, Feldenkrais, Feldenkrais Method are registered trademarks of the Feldenkrais Guild of N.A. Formative Psychology® is a trademark of Stanley Keleman.

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