Individual Sessions for Children

Multidimensional Interactive Hands-on Sessions

Sonja works with specific developmental and functional movement themes while creating playful interactions with your child to establish a sense of enjoyment and inquisitiveness for learning. Using gentle, precise, noninvasive, instructive touch with verbal directives and vocal interactions, she follows and leads your child’s attention, as well as helps your child learn how to influence how their own act of attending while moving through space.  Sessions often includes song, rhythms, visuals and/or guided questions.

Sonja works with children with :                JoshPhotoGreat

  • developmental or learning differences
  • attention challenges
  • neurological conditions
  • pre- and post-operative recovery need

Sessions are tailored to each child’s specific situation.

What to expect

A lesson is approximately 35-45 minutes. The form each session takes depends upon each individual child’s needs, interests, and attention span.

Sessions include quiet, slow moments of exploring and forming motor behaviors relevant to your child’s development while lying, kneeling or sitting, as well as more active explorations moving through space and engaging in locomotive patterns such as rolling, crawling, slithering, hopping, and leaping.

Children often enjoy “movement experiments” during which they discover new ways to influence how they can move, act and interact.

Though each session may look quite different, one thing remains consistent:
I guide your child in his or her own unique learning process to discover easy and enjoyable ways of moving through life.

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