Functional Integration®: Individual Sessions for Adults

Through gentle yet precise, directive touch as well as verbal guidance, Sonja empowers you to form new ways of moving, feeling and functioning with greater ease and enjoyment.

People often come to Sonja seeking relief from aches and pains in their back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder, arm or other parts of themselves from acute or chronic injuries. Many come to learn how to move more efficiently, easily and gracefully. This includes athletes, musicians, performing artists as well as persons with neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, stroke, Muscular Dystrophy or Parkinson’s. Some people come who are interested primarily in personal growth. Most everyone wants to learn how they can influence their actions, feelings, and responses to life’s challenges. Sonja addresses all of these needs, desires, and interests.

Sessions are Tailored to Each Person’s Specific Situation.

Like our handwriting, we all develop unique movement signatures — ways we habitually organize our actions. By working directly with your personalized somatic patterns, Sonja teaches you how to move more easily, to influence how you respond to life’s challenges and pleasures, and to form greater satisfaction in how you relate to yourself, others and your world.

Through Sonja’s training in the Feldenkrais Method® and her years of ongoing studies in Formative Psychology®, Sonja encourages you to develop, grow and form your life more fully–physically, emotionally, mentally.

Sonja has worked with people from five months to 103 years old! She helps people with a wide variety of unique circumstances and interests:

  • Persons seeking relief from back, neck, shoulder, hip or other neuromuscular pain
  • Individuals interested in embodied learning and personal growth
  • Children with developmental or learning differences
  • Seniors or adults with balance or other movement concerns
  • Athletes, martial artists, dancers, and musicians interested in improving their performance abilities or recovering from injuries
  • Persons with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, parkinson’s, MS or stroke
  • Pre- and post-operative recovery (open heart surgery, reconstructive knee surgery, hip replacement surgery)
  • Repetitive stress injuries, eye, back and neck strains

The office is located on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible with accessible bathrooms.

What to Expect

101Adults and seniors often enjoy lying quietly in comfortable loose clothing on a Feldenkrais table while Sonja works with you using gentle, precise, noninvasive touch and verbal guidance.

Some sessions are more active and will include hands-on and verbally guided movements in a variety of positions such as sitting, kneeling or standing. Sessions often also include somatic practices which you can practice on your own after and between sessions.

Functional Integration, Feldenkrais, Feldenkrais Method are registered trademarks of the Feldenkrais Guild of N.A. Formative Psychology® is a trademark of Stanley Keleman.

Functional Integration®: Individual Sessions for Children

 What to Expect

A lesson is approximately 35-45 minutes. The form each session takes depends upon each individual child’s needs, interests, and attention span.

Sessions include quiet, slow moments of exploring and forming motor behaviors relevant to your child’s development while lying, kneeling or sitting, as well as more active explorations moving through space and engaging in locomotive patterns such as rolling, crawling, slithering, hopping, and leaping.

Children often enjoy “movement experiments” during which they discover new ways to influence how they can move, act and interact.

Though each session may look quite different, one thing remains consistent:

I guide your child in his or her own unique learning process to discover easy and enjoyable ways of moving through life.

Multidimensional Interactive Hands-on Sessions

Sonja works with specific developmental and functional movement themes while creating playful interactions with your child to establish a sense of enjoyment and inquisitiveness for learning. Using gentle, precise, noninvasive, instructive touch with verbal directives and vocal interactions, she follows and leads your child’s attention, as well as helps your child learn to influence their own act of attending.  Sessions often includes song, rhythms, visuals and/or guided questions.

Sonja works with children with :

  • developmental or learning differences
  • attention challenges
  • neurological conditions
  • pre- and post-operative recovery need

Sessions are tailored to each child’s specific situation.

Sonja has such a creative, loving, and spontaneous way of interacting with my son. Her work touches our lives on many levels.

“MK” “somatic psychotherapist”

You really helped me to feel how different parts of my body and myself are all interrelated. After experiencing this interconnectedness in myself with you, I am now able to recognize and understand this in lots of aspects of my life–specifically in relation to interpersonal working relationships, collaborations at my job and with other artists. Thank you Sonja!

“ST” ” artist and arts organizer”

After years of seeking help for chronic neck and lower back pain, I finally found Sonja and not only got relief, but I feel better today than I did ten years ago!

“SG” “school teacher”

I have had increasingly severe low back and hip pain over the last 15 years. I began Feldenkrais® treatments with Sonja and for the first time in my life I feel like a dancer, grounded, fully present in my body and able to control the pain with daily exercises. During an extended meditation I sat in the new way Sonja showed me and had NO pain. This is a first!! 

“FO” “video producer”

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