Making Connections

We make connections in our lives in many ways — culturally, socially, personally — through social networking, community events, family ties, personal and intimate relationships.

Within our bodies we grow extensive interconnected vascular, neural, visceral networks with connective tissue traversing the terrain of our inner landscape. Our anatomy is living, pulsing, rhythmic, and dynamic. Every cell in our body pulses, resonating and connecting in rhythmic somatic patterns through layers of our anatomy and behavior.

From very early infancy connecting with others is vital for our survival, well being and growth. We create somatic bonds that develop and change as we grow. How we participate in this primal somatic process of forming and growing connections deeply influences how we relate with our world, others and ourselves. This underlies how we learn, live and love.

In this workshop we will apply the perspective and approach of Formative Psychology® to Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® lessons, exploring and deepening how we make connections within ourselves and with others.

Sunday, April 13 2014

10 am – 4 pm

The Berkeley School
1310 University Ave, Berkeley 94702

For more information or to register, please email

Hope you can join us.



This image shows cortical axons (green) and retinal axons (purple) forming their complex web of neural connections in the area of the brain dedicated to processing visual signals.

Developing Dimensions of Self-Influence
Embodied Learning

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