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What Kind of Shape do You Make When You’re Mad? A Body-based Approach to Social-Emotional Learning — Thursday, March 22nd 6 – 7:30pm at TBS

This workshop introduces a somatic approach to helping children recognize and influence their attitudes, emotions, and behavior — not just when they are mad, but whatever body shape they make.

The presentation will include illustrations and visual teaching aids interspersed with movement explorations and easy-to-do practices to facilitate experiential learning and understanding. If you are part of EBISA and want to come, please sign up through this link.  If you are not part of EBISA and want to attend, please contact me directly. The workshop will be held at The Berkeley School, 1310 University Ave in Berkeley. Pre-registration required.

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Me and We

The “We” in Me and the “Me” in We Each of us begins our life journey when two cells join together…
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Creating a Group Zone

Creating a Group Zone The synergy of the whole group moving and learning together creates a powerful learning potential. Right…
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