What is Learning In Action?

Through movement we learn, we live, we love.



Learning in Action™ is where my years of embodied education in the Feldenkrais Method® and in Formative Psychology® meet. It is the forming of my passions, my experience, my practices.

I am a Guild-certified Feldenkrais® Assistant Trainer and practitioner with a full-time private practice in Berkeley since 1997.  My practice is deeply informed by my many years of ongoing individual and professional group studies with Stanley Keleman, the founder of Formative Psychology®. My training in Aikido and background in dance also significantly influence me and my work.  My decades of experience and love for working with children inspire, motivate and inform me daily.

I offer individualized hands-on sessions for adults, children, and seniors. I also teach group classes and lead somatic workshops and retreats.  In addition, I  teach and continue to develop Creative Learning Through Movement — a movement-based, social-emotional curriculum for children. I have taught workshops to teachers, parents, and somatic educators. Since 1997, I have been teaching classes once a week to children as part of the curriculum at private elementary schools.

Sonja2014Learning in Action addresses how we grow, develop, learn, and form ourselves and our lives. It recognizes and uses movement as the most fundamental means for all learning — for adults, children, and seniors of all abilities.

By working directly with the somatic patterns of how we move and how we physically give shape to ourselves and our behavior, we can influence how we fundamentally form our behavior and move through our lives with greater ease and satisfaction.

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