Center, Gravity, Center or Gravity: Tahoe Somatic Retreats – May 2010

Center, Gravity, Center of Gravity:

Aligning with Universal Principles, Forming a Personal World

Friday, May 21st – Sunday, May 23rd 2010

“As the moon’s gravity affects the ocean’s waves, so our own response to gravity influences the range and amplitude of the excitatory waves of our inner ocean.

In this retreat we will explore the relationship between the ongoing waves of our excitement and the responses we have formed to gravity, the effect this has on our own sense of center, and how this influences relating to our own experience and to others. To participate in this dynamic, to influence our structure in relation to the excitement and the gravity of our lives is to navigate toward our horizon, and generates a sense of destiny.”

–Peter W. Wright


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Surrounded by the majestic beauty of Lake Tahoe, come join us and enjoy the support of a community of people committed to embodied living. The workshop incorporates guided movement explorations from the Feldenkrais Method®, Aikido, and other forms of somatic education. No previous experience is required — beginners are welcome.

Workshop Rates: Private room: $450; Shared room: $300 each; Dorm option: $250. Fees include lake-front lodging, delicious vegetarian meals and workshop participation.

Deposit $100.00 due April 21st. Space limited so reserve early.

Please call 510/527-5981 or email

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