Chi Nei Tsang meets Feldenkrais — Feb 2011

“It Takes Guts to Breathe” —

Free your Breathing for Stronger Metabolism & Better Alignment

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 — 10am – 6pm in Oakland

with Gilles Marin* and Sonja H. Sutherland

Gilles MarinA one day workshop for practitioners to explore how our breathing influences and is influenced by the health of our internal organs, structural alignment and our emotions. Through somatic practices from Feldenkrais and Chi Nei Tsang, we will explore how our diaphragm, viscera and spine are integral partners in the dynamic process of breathing, digesting and behaving and how this influences how we act and feel.


For more details email or call  510-527-5981

*Gilles Marin is the founder and director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute in Oakland, California. His work profoundly informs my extensive Feldenkrais hands-on training. The meeting of our respective modalities in the frame of our common background in Aikido creates a potent opportunity for learning and growth.

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