Coming Home: Generating a Personal Dimension — Tahoe Somatic Retreat – Oct 2012

Coming Home: Generating a Personal Dimension

with Sonja Sutherland and Peter Wright*

Friday October 26th – Sunday October 28th, 2012

Home is often a place we come back to for food, shelter and rest. How are we home in our bodies? How do we nourish, comfort, and rest in ourselves?

This retreat is deeply informed by the fundamental principles and approach of Formative Psychology® and incorporates guided movement explorations derived from the Feldenkrais Method® and Aikido.

No previous experience is required — beginners are welcome.

*Peter Wright is a somatic psychotherapist with many years of personal and professional in-depth studies and practice in Formative Psychology® with its founder Stanley Keleman. Peter introduced me to the formative approach over 12 years ago. This began my ongoing studies and practice with Stanley Keleman in Formative Psychology and my explorations of how his formative approach informs me personally and professionally. 

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