“The Body We Are” — Excerpts from Stanley Keleman’s Article

There are so many ways and on so many levels that Stanley’s words and approach resonate with me  and my work as a Feldenkrais practitioner. It is hard to know where to begin. At the conference, I will start by teaching experientially, of course. But if you can’t make my classes, here are a few more quotes from Stanley Keleman that I thought I’d share:

The body is a living, creative process… In the most basic sense we are our bodies, and more, that our bodies are an expression in microcosm of the creative organizing principle of the universe.

Somatic work begins with discovering our individual patterns of self use and the emotional body states that give us a primary reality.

With this self knowledge, we learn to grow an interior presence, to be grounded in ourselves and to sustain our process in relationship to others. Growing ourselves, then, is not a state of mind but a state of the somatic entity.

Stanley Keleman – The Body We Are

Stanley Keleman Founder & Director Private Appointments Consultations Seminars – Lectures 510-845-8373 skeleman@aol.com Center for Energetic Studies Center Press 2045 Francisco Street Berkeley, California 94709 510-845-8373 510-841-3884 (fax) center@centerpress.com We are destined to live an embodied life. This means that we grow from small to big and change our somatic shape half a dozen times in one life.

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