Dolphin Adventure

Powerful, Intimate Encounters


In March 2013, I had the remarkable opportunity to join two highly skilled somatic practitioners, Cathy Adachi and Rose Stamm, to give multi-hands-on sessions in the water with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Cathy, Rose and I had collaborated as somatic practitioners in Berkeley, but giving sessions together as a team in the water with dolphins was a whole other level of collaborating. This was a profound experience on many levels.

To work together with Cathy and Rose was interesting, rewarding and powerful. To work with our client and her family was a pleasure. To be in the water with the dolphins was incredible. Really incredible.

I have always loved dolphins, but I had never encounter one close up and I couldn’t have imagined just how powerful, perceptive and gentle these animals are.

The speed with which they could zoom and glide through the water, chasing one another and jumping high into the air, was unbelievable.

These large mammals with incredibly powerful tails would approach us with such gentleness. We would work primarily with one dolphin at a time. The dolphin would come right up to us and scan us with her sonar at very close range. The experience of this was somewhat indescribable. I could feel her sonar vibrate deeply through and into many layers of me. This was a very powerful and intimate encounter with myself from my inside.


While we practitioners were focusing our sessions on our little client, the dolphin was scanning us all.

The sense of being part of a pod was always present and created an added dimension to the depth of our work together.

Multi Hands Sessions with Dolphins

Giving Multi-Hands-On sessions in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at Dolphin Adventures

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