Journeys Abroad in Feldenkrais® and Formative Psychology® 2012

Last  April,  I took a wonderful trip to Europe full of Feldenkrais and Formative Psychology.

Feldenkrais Workshop in Bethel, Germany

I began my adventures in Bethel bei Bielefeld, a community of over 3,000 inhabitants in Germany that was created to serve persons with disabilities. As a college student interested in movement therapy, I did an internship in Bethel.

It was rewarding to return to Bethel 25 years later to teach a Feldenkrais workshop for caregivers in Bethel. And I taught the four-hour workshop IN GERMAN!

Formative Psychology Workshop in Solingen, Germany

Every Spring, Europeans from Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Greece, England, Wales… gather in Solingen, Germany to attend an annual workshop with Stanley Keleman, the founder of Formative Psychology.

I study with Stanley Keleman in Berkeley year round, but it was a special experience for me to attend his workshop in Solingen and visit with the European community.

Athens, Greece

I spent a wonderful week giving Feldenkrais sessions and visiting sights in and around Athens. Remnants of magificient ancient ruins can be seen in abundance at every underground train station and at excavations throughout the bustling modern day city of Athens with a striking view of the Acropolis above the city.

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