Me and We

The “We” in Me and the “Me” in We

Each of us begins our life journey when two cells join together to make a unique cell that I call “Me”. This “Me” cell divides and multiplies again and again and again, differentiating into large communities of cells that form and function as different organs, muscles, tissues, bones, nervous system, etc. All of these communities of cells work together to form one, unique person.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells, all of which are related to your original “Me” cell.  Each of us is more like a “We” of many cell communities all working together to create our unique body, our unique self.

In movement classes, children work together to form a big “M”. Others collaborate to create a large “E”. The two groups join together to spell “ME”. They flip themselves upside down and create “We”.

  • What do each of us in our group have in common?
  • How is each of us unique?
  • How can we, with our unique gifts and common ground, work together to create a group “Me”?

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