Rhythms of Uprightness : Learning Curve Workshops — Sept 2012


Rhythms of Uprightness

a weekend workshop at Happy Body studio in Asheville, NC


With Sonja Sutherland and Erik Bendix*


Friday, Sept 28th – Sunday, Sept 30th, 2012


There is rhythm in how we walk, in how we breathe and speak, in how our hearts pump blood through our arteries, in how we cycle between rest and activity.  How does this internal polyrhythm interact with the constant pull of gravity?  How do we organize ourselves to enjoy being upright?  How do we pace ourselves?
In this workshop we will explore how our vertical poise in gravity is supported by a continual flow of pulsation within us. We will investigate ways we come upright to move through space as a context in which we can each find our own rhythm and pace.  Originally designed for somatic practitioners looking for support in working and living with scoliosis, the workshop series is open to anyone willing to explore spinal curvature in action with patience, compassion and humor.
*Erik Bendix is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and a certified practitioner and teacher of Body-Mind Centering®.  He teaches internationally and offers private lessons in his practice in Asheville, NC.  He developed his own Alexander-based ski teaching method, and uses his somatic discoveries to explore poetry and world dance traditions.  He loves to learn and to help people find their own paths to vitality.  
Register:           info@ashevillehappybody.com    828-277-5741

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