Wonderful Review of Stanley Keleman’s new DVD “Emotional Anatomy”

Here is an informative and excellent review of Stanley Keleman’s new DVD of Emotional Anatomy,  just published on neuropsychotherapist.com. I am deeply inspired by and grateful for how he brings forth his embodied vision into the world and how he forms it in his own world….and for his guidance in my own forming.

Below is an excerpt and includes a video introduction to his new DVD from the article.

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… In this DVD Stanley Keleman presents an animated update to his seminal book Emotional Anatomy which after 30 years continues to be a foundational text in the field of body oriented psychology and body based therapeutic methods. In his unique style, Keleman has created a kinetic visualization of the story of our life as a pulsatory process. By gathering images and – in an original way – giving them motion, he illustrates behaviors of the human organism that do not yet have a common cultural language. His biologically based Formative Psychology and its language seek to give a foundation for understanding a next step in the evolution of human development which is the voluntary shaping of our lives.

This update presents the human being as a pulsatory continuum of biological shapes and emotional behaviors which, through the interaction of voluntary and involuntary anatomical processes, organize our body shapes, and illustrates how body shape, in turn, profoundly influences our emotions, feelings and actions.The video is not only an educational experience that includes recent developments in Keleman’s thinking, it is also a statement of a body philosophy and a credo for living. As a pioneer in the field of Somatics, Keleman is posing the question, as well as, offering a practical method for answering: “How do I want to organize an embodied life and form my future?” …

Emotional Anatomy Intro

Introduction from the Emotional Anatomy DVD http://centerpress.com/publications.html


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