Through Space, In Place, In You

Through Space, In Place, In You

In movement classes, the children do many activities that incorporate and integrate developmental movements that are gross motor (through space), fine motor (smaller, more refined— in place) and micro-motor (inner tension and pressure changing movements— in you). Interweaving gross motor with fine motor and micro-motor movements supports and enhances embodied learning and living.

  • Through Space — the children move all over the room and then gather themselves back to sitting in the group circle.
  • In Place –while sitting on one spot, the children extend out from their own body center and gather themselves back to their own body center.
  • In You — they maintain their body-shape and shift the intensity of their body shape in steps (more tense and less tense), exploring how this affects their feelings and inner experience.



How do you scatter yourself and your attention? How and how intensely do you extend your focus outward? What is it like? Do you feel silly? Excited? Distracted?

How do you ‘pull yourself together’? How do you narrow your focus? How much and how intensely do you narrow yourself? What is that like? How does that affect how you feel?

While moving through space, in place, and internally, the children widen, narrow, expand, shrink, scatter and gather themselves. They discover how their behavior — their big (gross motor), small (fine motor), and micro-motor actions intertwine and influence each other,  and how this affects how they function and feel.





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