“You Can’t Get There From Not Here” — R. Moon Sensei

In life and learning it is easy to focus on external goals that we wish to achieve. As educators, teachers often “chunk it down” for their students with subgoals to create smaller steps along the path toward a goal. But the emphasis usually remains on the goal out there, up ahead.

As one of my Aikido teachers, Richard Moon Sensei, used to say:

”You can’t get there from not here.”

How are you participating right here and now?  How are you physically shaping your body in space and in you?

Accessing Your Body Resources

When I refer to “body resources”, I am talking about how to access and influence the way you physically shape your body inside and out — your dynamic body shapes and inner states — and how to participate in your own inner kinesthetic conversation to support not only how you approach your external goal or circumstance, but also, and very importantly, how you approach and relate to yourself and to others in your lifelong journey of living and loving.

For more about “dynamic body shapes and inner states”, check out: The Shapes We Make Inside and Out. 


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