Our Feldenkrais Practitioner Group Rocks!

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Our Feldenkrais Practitioner Group Rocks!

The Feldenkrais Guild of North America just published an article about our Feldenkrais Practitioner® study group in Berkeley which has been meeting weekly for over 10 years. We practitioners took turns teaching Moshe’s transcribed AY lessons (AY 1-550), and then we discussed the ATM as a group following each class. Our group just completed the entire AY series of 550 lessons.

And now we will start a new series in the New Year!

The members of our group have come to the Feldenkrais Method from varied backgrounds and with different interests, but all share a respect and love for the Feldenkrais Method® and more specifically, Awareness through Movement lessons. Despite how differently practitioners interpreted each lesson, the effects of the lessons were always significant and personal in accordance to each person’s own unique style and approach to life and learning. Week after week after week, this really demonstrated the brilliance of Moshe’s ATMs.

How Moshe constructed and taught all 550 AY lessons was brilliant — thorough and consistent. Despite how diverse the lessons were, Moshe maintained a multidimensional underlying structure that was universal to all human functioning, yet his approach encouraged and supported personal, unique participation and learning. To experience this with other Feldenkrais practitioners and recognize the diversity amongst us practitioners, as well as what connects us, is inspiring.

Experiencing support from other practitioners and having the chance to support others as part of a group effort really made me cherish Feldenkrais community and collaboration. It is special to support and be supported amongst people who share this work.


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